PFSA is a non profit (501(3)c) youth sports organization dedicated to the coaching and training of freestyle, freeriding and snowboarding athletes. We take great pride in developing strong well rounded skiers and boarders in the safest possible training e

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Athletes looking to practice inverted aerial trick during designated practice sessions must complete the follwing steps.  The follow progression is applicable to all PA Freestyle athletes; Freestyle, Freeski or Snowboard…


Step 1:  Athletes must participate in trampoline and in-door floor training session and receive a coaches sign off.  The athlete must be able to preform back and front flips on the trampoline and demonstrate proper form throughout the flips.  Form is subjective to the athletes discipline, but in general, the athlete regardless of snowboard or ski, must be able to preform a standard back and front flip, landing on their feet in balance.  This is not a one and done type of proposition.  I would like our USSA Aerial 200 coaches to assess and sign off on ALL athletes looking to advance to the next step…

Step 2:  Athletes move to an Air-Bag or Ramp Camp (Pool).  Working with the appropriate coaches, the Athlete must successfully demonstrate the aerial awareness to preform inverted tricks.  Again this is not a one and done proposition.  The athlete needs to repeatedly preform the inverted trick to the satisfaction of the coaches.  Once athletes are demonstrating the proper air awareness, form and safely landing in the bag or pool, the athlete can move to step 2…

Step 3:  Athletes move to on snow training.  Athletes who have received a sign off to move to snow must have participated in In-Door and Airbag training AND been approved by the Program Director to move to on snow training.  For on snow training to commence; 

  • an Aerial 200 coach must provide an evaluation of the jump site
  • an Aerial 200 coach must be present through the training session
  • Parents must sign off on on-snow training 
  • Following any invert training the coach must provide an assessment of the athlete to the Program Director and Head coach.  This assessment must be in a written form and include the number of successful and unsuccessful attempts.  

The safety and wellbeing of our athletes is paramount.  Preforming inverted manouvers requires dedication and focus.  Our invert policy is meant to keep Parents, Athletes and Coach working together to progress the athlete safely into the advance manouvers.
The athletes in our program and their safety is paramount.  As we push boundaries between USSA and USASA we are bound to protect our athletes and provide a safe training environment.